We are working on our 7th compilation of experimental musick (and our first in over a decade)! We have had a huge outpouring of support from fellow experimentalists, recording studios, labels, mastering houses and (no lie) a major research university.

A lot has changed since we left the internet: children, marriages, divorces, fencing, fighting, chases, escapes, revenge, and true love. The musical landscape of the internet and access to bandwidth has also drastically changed since the 20th century and we are amazed at the level of self-determination and creativity shown by new artists. We expect to have things finished up on our first new release by October and should put out new music at least every month after that.


PS…. If you make musick that is experimental in nature or could be accurately and succinctly described as “ridiculous shit,” reach out through the aether (this site’s domain name -at- gmail).


PPS…. We will be releasing some very special musick by the “Greatest Soul Singer of All Time” on vinyl in early 2016. This will be limited to a run of no more than 100 numbered, signed copies with pre-orders beginning very soon.

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