The Return of Jerry Philips, considered by anyone who’s heard it to be an absolute must-have for any serious music collector, will be available on vinyl early next year. Because of the number of emails we’ve received from interested parties, we have decided to offer a guaranteed copy only to those that pre-order. This allows us, among other things, to ensure that Jerry’s true fans are able to have a one. Check back every day next month to make sure that you’re on of the first to get a copy!

3 thoughts on “Jerry Philips Pre-Orders Available Next Month!

  1. Please God in Heaven tell me this isn’t a joke. I heard a track by this guy called “Cedar Fever,” which was a parody of some George Michaels song. Is this the same guy?

  2. One and the same! The self-proclaimed “Greatest Soul Singer of All Time!”

  3. I “obtained” a copy of this from a friend in Austin about 8 years ago. Dracula Destiny changed my life!

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