What do Great Britain, Ukraine, France, Canada, Italy, and Texas have in common? Artists from each is featured in the latest installment in our series of off-the-wall and broad-ranging experimental musick. There are offerings by Dao de Noize (Ukraine’s premiere noise artist), Mutiny (one of the best Jungle selectors in Texas), Greg (Italy’s groundbreaking improv group), Neuroharp (strings controlled exclusively by EEG), and Headloc (a UK artist best described as badass); the ambient noise of Mark Streets, the post-pop of Jean-Baptiste Amann, the post-rock ambience of St John of Austin, the experimentation of Magnetic Foragers (whose DVD is freely available and so worth watching), and the frst hwiin chrch of mscln actually playing an instrument (even if it is just a gong).

They’re all Dumb Sounds for Smart People. If you don’t get it, you’re probably stupid.

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