The Moron Laboratories is always accepting submissions: submit to us and we will accept you. Ha! In all seriousness, you really should make sure that you understand our aesthetic (we have one?) before submitting anything for release. We can promise that, if we like it, we’ll release it. Digitally, at least. As this is a labor of love for us and we’re not part of the 1%, we can’t promise that any submissions will see a physical release (even the big guys are moving away from that, for reasons of profit).

That being said, we’re audiophiles and musick nerds and absolutely love making physical copies of musick in interesting formats, discovering new artists and hearing new creations. Send us your best, or your worst, experiments and maybe it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. All submissions should be directed to MoronLabs(at)Gmail. There’s also a dot com involved…. pesky spam bots.