Leading up to the events of Egg Wave 1, we studied a number of topics: binaural beat entrainment, perceivable non-audible delivery, and silent sound spread spectrum. This period saw the departure of one of the founding members of the collective, one KJ Hill.

Egg Wave 2 was focused more sharply on topological inquiry. It heralded the inclusion of a new permanent member of the collective, one KR Byrne. Much of the this time was spent in developing new methods of composition as well as new forms of instrumentation.

The Challenging Stage could best be described as having half-integer spin. To some, they are our best recordings. To others, they were never released and, therefore, do not exist. Of course, every inertial frame of reference is equally valid.

World 2-1 is contemporaneous. Or that’s what we would like you to believe.

World 2-2 is tautologically focused. An underrepresentation, or antirepresentation; as below, so beyond, and above. Among the chief pursuits are the four skills of the magus— to know, to will, to dare, to keep silent.