is the re-integration of the collective.

A decade of responsibilities, moves, births, marriages, deaths, and the ever-changing flux of the aether will change most perspectives. During this period of cryo-sleep, we integrated the full spectrum of experiences into World 2-1 and now routinely employ ‘pataphysical as well as ideonomic vectors.  World 2-1 begins with the first official release in more than a decade, auspiciously, on the first ever Netlabel Day, in a post-piracy internet environment.

frst hwiin chrch of mscln — The Great Cannibal Owl [ML-R3B]

Oxygenfad — Zero Day [ML-R3C]

Kelsey Byrne — Mazes [ML-R3D]

St John of Austin — Lake City [ML-R3E]

Dumb Sounds for Smart People vol. 3 [ML-R3F]

St. John of Austin — Soviet Fox [ML-R40]

Jerry Philips — The Return of Jerry Philips [ML-R41]

frst hwiin chrch of mscln — Rape Culture [ML-R42]

Kut Lajavog Psa — Lavež! [ML-R43]

j0hn br0wn — Mutiny on the Menu [ML-R44]

Oxygenfad — Tensor Calculus [ML-R45]

Rubber Clown Car — Assault & Flattery [ML-R46]

The Other Kids — Parasite [ML-R47]

Magnetic Foragers — Statuesque [ML-R48]

Nurgul Jones — Lake Dracula [ML-R49]

Of Men and Spiders — Kanashimi (Sorrow) [ML-R4A]