The third installment in the Dumb Sounds for Smart People series and easily the best so far. It features artists from Great Britain, Ukraine, France, Canada, Italy, and Texas throwing down highly experimental dance, pop, ambient, jungle, drum & bass— all with a tinge of noise. Information on artists/songs is available here.

Track listing:dumbsounds
1. Dao de Noize – Leaving cherry trees only with leaves
2. Magnetic Foragers – Test One
3. JB Amann – Watching the Moon
4. frst hwiin chrch of msclnVoice of the Sunrise
5. Neuroharp – E(2)
6. Greg – Chappaqua – Introspective
7. Headloc feat. Jerry Philips – Passage to Hell
8. St. John of Austin – Transcendence Drive
9. Mutiny – Southerner
10. Mark Streets – 011

Mastered by the incomparable Morgan Rizen of Mozu Mastering.
Released October 31, 2015 [ML-R3F Infinity copies: MP3].
© 1999-2015 Moron Labs. All rights reserved.

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