Of Men and Spiders, Ogami Kaito and Wakizashi Ichika, live somewhere in the Aokigahara Forest in Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture. Very little is known of this eclectic duo, other than their interest in odd compositions (both musically and in visual media) and their love of Seichō Matsumoto’s work. They are devout disciples of the Rinzai school of Zen. Their EP, Kanashimi, mangles numerous samples from the Japanese band Pop Pop Panda, the American heavy metal band Plague of Witches’ song I Murdered Your Killing to Death, and the all-female, all-punk Hatchet Wounds’ song Heart-shaped Coathanger.


Art: KOgami

Track listing:
1. Natsukashii (2:52)
2. Mono No Aware (6:15)
3. Hi Fun Kou Gai (4:28)

Released July 14, 2018
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