Nurgul Jones presents… Lake Dracula: a fantastic destination for your next wedding, bris, sacrifice, summoning, or other special occasion! Let your heartbeat slow to a dozen beats per century as the moroii, strigoi , and dhampir lull you into a false sense of security. Listen to the sickly beats of rotting wings and the cries of innocent victims while Nurgul deftly moves from one emotional landscape to another. Celebrate, revel, and despair with us!


Art: Nurgul Jones

Track listing:
1. Brut Obeah (2:28)
2. The Seatanic (2:20)
3. Rotting Paradise (2:15)
4. Haida Gwaii (1:37)
5. Cancer Beach, Trinidad (2:26)
6. A Necrotic Tidal King (2:10)
7. Waluigi in the Sargasso (2:56)
8. San Salvadorean Santeria (3:01)
9. Bruxas de Benedito Novo (1:24)
10. Full of Emoceans (1:45)

Released July 14, 2018
[ML-R49 Infinity copies: MP3]
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This album is available as a digital download in a variety of high-quality and loss-less formats from the Internet Archive. Other work by Nurgul Jones can be found on his BandCamp page.