Kut Lajavog Psa? Roughly translated, “The Barking Dog Angle” is the single best experimental rock band from Croatia. According to the band, they play some sort of noise rock with some experimentation approximately. Having recorded their debut album this year, Lavež (or, in English, Woof), they found a home among the nerds and oneironauts at the Moron Laboratories. Matija plays the drums and Ivan takes care of the bass & guitar while Ivo handles the vocal duties. They are currently working on new material and a plan to take over Eastern Europe with some wicked noise.


Cover Art: Barking Dog Angle

Track listing:
1. Buka (1:38)
2. Ovo će te koštati glave! (4:41)
3. Aurora R. (6:17)
4. Emptitudes (4:13)
5. Kritikon (3:56)
6. Zavyava (4:09)
7. Thalassa (1:39)
8. Elabo 15 (2:42)
9. TerraEcho (7:21)

Released May 1, 2016 [ML-R43 Infinity copies: MP3]. © 1999-2016 Moron Labs. All rights reserved.

This album is available as a digital download directly from Moron Laboratories or their Bandcamp page.