St. John of Austin is Zach Sihalla and Cris Echazarreta— two friends who wanna make some crazy shit. Never stopping to think why, they are always trying to make some noise and smash some fingers. Soviet Fox is their debut album: it has everything from EDM to folk music. Made over the span of 1 year, it sounds like it could have been made in 1 day. Special thanks to Alan Borden for album art.


Cover art: Alan Borden

Track listing:
1. Suzzane (5:33)
2. Lake City (3:10)
3. Transcendence Drive (3:53)
4. Reality (2:16)
5. Output 1-2 1 (2:00)
6. Soviet Fox Drinks Vodka (5:34)

Released December 21, 2015 [ML-R40 Infinity copies: MP3].
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Zach Sihalla- Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Cris Echazarreta- Drums, Guitar

This album is available as a digital download in a variety of high quality and loss-less formats from the Internet Archive. If you like it, throw us some money.