Dystopian existentialism— the kind that causes you to murder a man on the beach because of a wristwatch. Machine learning— marching every day closer to the launch of Skynet. Infinitessimal calculation— the cause of Newton’s sorcery and Liebniz’s insanity. This album is more than just a function of coordinate space, it’s an assembly of functions of a coordinate space. Read me and watch the video for Breakcore’s Not Dead!

Artwork: Oxygenfad

Track listing:
1. The Overman (1:42)
2. Actual Synthwave (6:52)
3. The Birth of Tragedy, the Death of AI (3:20)
4. Longing for the Other Side (3:18)
5. Breakcore’s Not Dead (3:15)
6. I Play Drums on This (2:36)
7. What Is a Tensor (3:29)
8. Exist (8:01)
9. My Emotional Landscape (4:48)
10. Selfie Neuro Network (1:51)
11. The Other (6:17)
12. It’s 4am and I Just Ate Five Vegedogs a Donut and Some Cookie Dough (3:44)
13. KK Slider is a Cool Doggo (2:51)

Released July 14, 2017. A very special thank you to Peter Sjöstedt-H from philosopher.eu
[ML-R45 Infinity copies: MP3]
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