What can be said about the greatest soul singer of all time? Sit back, relax, and stare into the cold undead eyes of Linda. Discover the riddle of steel while you conquer darkness and light. There are some questions left unanswered… what word does Jerry refuse to say? Why wouldn’t anyone serve him a mustard sandwich? Is Swamp Thing really the Cedar King’s brother?

Cover art: Left Reverend William

Track listing:
1. Lighthouse Keeper
2. I’m With You
3. Cheese of the Sea
4. Cedar Fever
5. Evil Beagle
6. Kiss Me
7. Peanutbutter Sheets
8. What’s Love Got to Do With It
9. Passage to Hell
10. Dracula Destiny

Released July 14, 2016 [ML-R41 Infinity copies: Ogg].
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