One of the best records I’ve ever heard. Ever.

Unfortunately, many tracks have been lost due to bit rot and were archived in order to avoid further loss. To understand these songs, its necessary first to know what a class cannon is.

class cannon

Cover Art: theRightReverend

Track listing:
1. Low (3:20)
2. Data Missing/Corrupted
3. Wheres Your Robot at 5 am (1:38)
4. Over Here Spinning (2:50)
5. Riverbank (0:46)
6. Data Missing/Corrupted
7. Data Missing/Corrupted
8. Nailbiter (4:13)
9. Data Missing/Corrupted
10. Think Quick (2:35)
11. Stack of Cards (0:40)
12. Data Missing/Corrupted
13. A Car A Bus A Train (3:17)
14. Beautiful Headache (2:08)
15. Dead Bug (2:31)

Officially unreleased
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This album is available as a digital download in a variety of high-quality and loss-less formats from the Internet Archive.