Mysterious, sometimes noisy, often alien tracks fill the third installment in our international IDM series. Brought to us by friends around the world and even a few here at home, Blue Spaghetti continues the tradition of introducing exciting new names in electronic clicks and whistles.


Cover Art: J Bingham

Track listing:
1. j0hn br0wn — Playtime
2. Syntax the Nerd — BTR
3. Cobalt — R Garcia
4. Phylum Sinter — Overlooking Yog Sothothic
5. Play Pork — Are You Going to Hate Me
6. Crisp Arson — Can’t Wake Up
7. Phundamental — My Own Private Tokyo
8. Fluorescent Grey — Crackly Shell
9. Headloc — Nomad

Released February 28, 2004
[ML-R26 50 copies: CD]
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