This compilation was the largest of three promotional releases to accompany the Tuxedo Killer’s Spiral Haircase. It was available only by pre-ordering and was custom pressed on an 8-cm CD. Each of the 50 copies’ artwork was hand-drawn by a friendly printing robot. Licensing requirements and a near-impenetrable maze of legal spells prevents us from sharing Jerry Philips’ cover of Damn Cold Night by Avril Lavigne.

Track listing:Dumb Sounds 1
1. The Clearing Stages — All We Have to Do
2. We Are Debris — Thank You, Drexciya More
3. The Umbrella Project — God Bless the Red Stripe
4. frst hwiin chrch of mscln — Earth Scroll [Cupp’a Joe Edit by Digital Abstraction]
5. Accordion Music for Donkeys — Zip a Dee Doo Da
6. Jerry Philips — Damn Cold Night

Released March 13, 2004
[ML-R29 50 copies: 8-cm CD]
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This album is available as a digital download (except for the Avril Lavigne cover) in a variety of high quality and loss-less formats from the Internet Archive.