Music to Aid Depression is a threshold. It represents the end of a long running series of experiments inspired by the occasional bleedthrough between FM radio stations called “The Cosmic Radio” and the beginning of a series of experiments in recording and re-broadcasting signals over FM stations (both legitimate and pirate). Should be taken in heroic doses, a.u., bds


fhcom front copy

Cover Art: theRightReverend

Track listing:
1. International Player Hater (3:24)
2. Secrets the Tiny People Keep (3:48)
3. The Redneck Buddha’s Return (3:54)
4. Du Hexen HaBe (5:25)
5. Gunga Galunga (1:27)
6. Dead Baby Jokes (3:00)
7. Anti-chronon Stream (5:34)
8. Muttley’s Infinite Whiskey Laugh (2:59)
9. Flapdongle Surprise (2:45)
10. Native (2:42)
11. Feeding Time (5:31)
12. Pulse Tendrils (2:52)
13. Standard Operating Procedure (2:56)
14. Mist Covered (2:18)

Released July 19, 2003
[ML-R1A 10 copies: CD]
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This album is available as a digital download in a variety of high-quality and lossless formats from the Internet Archive.