Created solely to be sold during their performance at the Scarlet Woman Lodge (the local Ordo Templi Orientis chapter) and comprised of early demo versions of what would become the first four tracks of their official debut, Stellae Rubeae is an exceptionally rare release, even for us. No digital copies have been made available: it was strictly limited to the twenty-five total copies packaged by hand on black-bottomed CD’s in black slimline jewel cases.Track listing:Black
1. The Bridge [demo] (14:03)
2. Lvx and Lava [demo] (17:51)
3. Something We All Experience [demo] (15:42)
4. Solve It [demo] (5:51)

Released September 20, 2003
[ML-R1C 25 copies: CD]
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This album is, sadly, unavailable from the Internet Archive. However, their self-titled album (which includes the finished and mastered versions of the above tracks as well as two others) is available as a digital download from Artificial Music Machine.