is the yin to Egg Wave 1’s yang. It features a number of interesting ideas: a release on floppy disk, an album with more than 75 tracks, our first non-pressing, the second time we paid mechanical licensing, two different punk releases, and a requiem for ourselves.

Accordion Music for Donkeys —  Rounderheaded [ML-R2C]

Elmooht — Logh Vohei [ML-R2E]

Mrs. Danvers — The Stryper Death Machine [ML-R30]

Elmooht — Cloak & Phase [ML-R31]

Tuxedo Killers — M Night Shyamalan’s Tuxedo Killers [ML-R32]

Umpteen Acts — Studies In [ML-R33]

3x!13 — sxb03 Jukebox [ML-R34]

Accordion Music for Donkeys — Dr. Ford is Dead [ML-R35]

Oxygenfad — Dimension X Volume 5 [ML-R37]

Dumb Haircuts — Open a Window [ML-R38]

frst hwiin chrch of mscln — Simulacra [ML-R39]

frst hwiin chrch of mscln — Exit Music for a Ballerina [ML-R3A]