What happens when you recklessly combine a Yamaha DX27, the sting of adolescent love, Acid Studio, acceptance of one’s karma, and Fruity Loops? Part 5 of 9 of the Dimension X series by the one and only Oxygenfad.


Cover Art: Oxygenfad

Track listing:
1. Introduction (2:25)
2. Led Lust Blue (clean) (5:43)
3. Crocodile Farm (4:00)
4. Gargleblaster (1:50)
5. This song was about a girl but she turned out to be a bitch (3:44)
6. C’est chanson d’Marc Andre (2:35)
7. Music to try your pants on to (1:51)
8. I like to set my clock ahead so I’m never late (2:56)
9. Crazy action movie chase sequence (5:03)
10. Brainbuster (2:26)
11. Got a lot of lovin to do (1:20)

Released July 4, 2005
[ML-R37 10 copies: CD]
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This album is available as a digital download in a variety of high quality and loss-less formats from the Internet Archive. Better yet, go buy it from him on his Bandcamp page.