Songs from the Congo, as interpreted by our insipid friends, the Renegade Hell Donkeys. These tracks were not sold but instead placed in public places with the word “Listen!” written on them and are rife with unimaginable horror and accipitrine exultation. This EP was released on flash media and is most clearly the demostrogon of verisimilitude, and shows polygonal translucency in multiple paradigms of demiurgic thought. Everything we just said is a lie, including this statement.

Track listing:DrFord
1. He Looks Rabid to Me (2:05)
2. Sweep and Clear (3:40)
3. aka Something Pool Party (4:45)
4. Technique for Transcending Death (4:33)

Released June 6, 2005
[ML-R35 15 copies: flash media]
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This album is available as a digital download in a variety of high quality and loss-less formats from the Internet Archive.