The anticipated follow-up to Spiral Haircase, M. Night Shyamalan’s Tuxedo Killers was released by Furniture Records and Moron Labs. Furniture Records printed 500 copies on 7″ vinyl and Moron Labs printed 69 copies on CD for the Tux Killers SXSW showcase. The CD version features digital mastering and an exclusive cover of Adam Green’s Baby’s Gonna Die Tonight.

tux kill front 72dpi

Cover Art: Shail Shah

Track listing:
1. Amoeba Hat (1:58)
2. Eagle Piss Dream (1:27)
3. Don’t Rape the Okapi (1:36)
4. SSSSS (1:29)
5. I Am Going to Sell Those Kids My Bones (2:43)
6. Baby’s Gonna Die Tonight (2:45)
7. Lowball (1:29)

Released March 17, 2005
[ML-R32 69 copies: CD]
© 2005 Furniture Records/Moron Labs. All rights reserved.

This album is, sadly, unavailable as a digital download from the Internet Archive. Copies of the 7″ exist and pop up for sale from time to time. The CD is significantly rarer and much more difficult to find.