Described by every member of the band as “just fuckin around,” Dumb Haircuts is anything but. Screamy in the Clouds also appears on their 7″ split with Ethan the Master of the Hawaiian Ukelele on Yoyodyne Records. 10 copies of Open a Window were set aside for sale while the remaining 90 were placed in bathrooms of various high- and low-end hair establishments. The digital version of this release was emailed to more than 750,000 people at random with the subject line “Dumb Haircuts? Fuck yeah!”

Snozberry Pie

Cover Art: Roy? Dustin?

Track listing:
1. Nice Skating (1:15)
2. Mangos (0:27)
3. Screamy in the Clouds (1:05)

Released July 22, 2005
[ML-R38 100 copies: 8-cm CD]
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