These recordings were made for someone by someone else. They were recorded by a number of visiting sociopaths. There is little similarity between any of these tracks (artists, instrumentation, angle of approach, humidity, etc) the only thing they have in common is the room they were recorded in and their collaborative nature. All these recordings died tragic deaths. After being revived by a witch doctor, they are now technically undead- forced to work the sugar mill at night. So, on behalf of all the scientists at the Moron Laboratories, please enjoy these zombi songs.


Cover Art: theRightReverend

Track listing:
1. Choral Chess (8:31)
2. Morning Market’s Happiness (3:43)
3. Accubating Homonculi (5:18)
4. Super-Large Method (7:40)
5. Music for Organization and Cows (5:55)
6. Noise to Accompany Choral Chess (3:27)

Released May 8, 2005
[ML-R33 10 copies: CD]
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This album is available as a digital download in a variety of high quality and loss-less formats from the Internet Archive.