sxb03, much like its author 3x!13, is a blend of indie pop, electronica, acoustic performance, poetry, garage rock and a little what-have-you thrown in for good measure. This is one of the best albums that the Charlotte-based crew has made: it tickles the fancy and subverts expectation from the beginning to the end.

3x!13 - sxbo3 jukebox

Cover Art: KRBside

Track listing:
1. I was sleeping when suddenly, it hit me (5:39)
2. Because single word titles say so much more than lyrics (6:24)
3. Wake up (finding them all missing) (6:56)
4. As worry and fear start setting in like jam on toast (6:07)
5. There’s enough for both of us (3:56)

Released May 24, 2005
[ML-R34 10 copies: CD]
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