Accordion Music for Donkey’s biggest concert had an attendance of just over seven million attendees, breaking Rod Stewart’s record from his 1994 concert in Rio. One audience member was a human, half a dozen or more were cows, and the rest were arachnids, insects and other arthropods (mostly crickets). We are proud to present five remixes of AMD tracks, which have no particular relation to that record-breaking show or anything else we’ve said so far. In fact, we’re impressed that you’re still reading this. Seriously.

Cover Art: theRightReverend

Track Listing:

1. Sweep and Clear [Vesica Piscis’ Eyehue Remix] (3:44)
2. Nipplehound Sawtooth [Of Men & Spiders’ Moonlight Remix] (5:29)
3. Reading Alone [j0hn br0wn’s Demolition Mix] (5:51)
4. Brotherly Love [Still Kinetic’s High Hoof Remix] (4:13)
5. He Looks Rabid to Me [Vesica Piscis’ Eyehue Remix] (5:42)

Released July 14, 2019
[ML-R4C Infinity copies: MP3]
© 2019 Moron Labs. All rights reserved. A very special thanks to Kendall & Carrie Ann, W-san, Kelsey, at al.

This album is available as a digital download in a variety of high-quality and loss-less formats from the Internet Archive.