Dumb Sounds for Smart People. A series of compilations of experimental musick from around the globe. The first two installments were focused on experiments in central Texas, while the third and fourth installments are international. The latest in the series brings us ambient and experimental noise from Japan (Of Men & Spiders), Germany (Der Rattenfanger), Brazil (Skeleton Hand), Hawai’i (Harupsex), Iceland (Microaggression), Croatia (Grrk), Ukraine (Trains of Madness), and Thailand (Sickness Vibration).


Cover Art: theRightReverend

Track listing:
1. Trains of Madness — Wall of Ice Wall of Shadow (3:06)
2. Grrk — Odinforce (5:46)
3. Sickness Vibration — 23rd Cyrus (5:05)
4. Harupsex — Legend of the Singing Bowls (5:37)
5. Der Rattenfanger von Hameln — For Alice (5:07)
6. Skeleton Hand — Sick Lullabies for Healthy Children (7:13)
7. Microaggression — Longing Forever (2:38)
8. Of Men & Spiders — 4 Airy Things (4:47)

Released July 09, 2020
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